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Pumpkin Filled with Balloons! (Pick your own color)


Includes: Balloon pumpkin structure (created with sturdy foam boards and card stock materials), filled with different sized balloons! These balloons are filled with air and do not float!

Size: 27"x22"

Pick-Up Only: From our studio space in Beverly, MA . You will be able to select a pick-up date during checkout. 

How long will it last? Since this product is air-filled (ie. no helium), it will last typically last for 4-5 days (or longer) as long as it's kept indoors at a comfortable temperature (no hot attics or cold garages). If your event is outside, we recommend keeping the balloon number inside until your event date. 

Colors: You can use the color picker below to select a color for your balloon pumpkin! (most popular are "Burnt Orange" [pictured] and "Orange").

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